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Emergency Data Recovery

On site emergency data recovery services from Xytron

Emergency data recovery is available 24/7 for mission critical data loss situations. Our engineers will immediately respond to help you get your systems back on line and back in business, with the minimum amount of down time. Servers, RAID, NAS or SAN storage systems are routinely recovered with our dedicated emergency recovery solutions, however the system has crashed Xytron will restore your data.

How did the Data loss occur?

Your data may now be inaccessible because of the following reasons;

  • Power outage
  • Mechanical or physical failure of one or more hard drives
  • Ambient temperature increase beyond manufacturer tolerances
  • Virus
  • Malicious sabotage
  • RAID offline due to controller error
What to do when the data fails?

Please ask yourself the following questions, how important is the data? Can I afford to 'experiment' or try to restore the data myself? If the answer to that question is no, please stop and call Xytron for a data recovery solution to get you back in business.

Emergency data recovery is available from Xytron 24/7 our engineers can either visit your premises or arrange for a same day courier to collect your media and have it returned to our data recovery labs for diagnosis to start on the hard disk.

How do I proceed?

Call 0800 881 8900 where you will speak directly with a data recovery engineer that can advise you of the best possible solution that will help you.

Alternatively you can email or use the quotation form and select emergency data recovery. The process

Our engineers will keep you informed at every stage of the recovery which will begin with a diagnosis of the problem followed by a recommended solution which usually involves creating an exact duplicate of the media, thus preserving the original media.

Due to the nature of the emergency data recovery Xytron will keep in constant contact with you with all updates and progress of the recovery.


Following the diagnosis and recovery the data will be either burnt to CD, DVD or cloned to another hard drive this is dependant on the total storage capacity required following the emergency data recovery service.