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Microdrive Data Recovery

Specialist in Micro DriveData Recovery and Hard drive Recovery

Xytron have data recovery solutions for your Microdrive, however it has failed.

This storage media is popular with photographers and music lovers alike, due to the large storage capacity, and small footprint, the microdrive is ideal for portable use, however this can result in the device being subjected to a physical knock or drop, here at Xytron we have microdrive data recovery solutions for this, please do not panic, we will recover your precious data.

Microdrives are a scaled-down version of a hard drive, these drives can suffer from the same complications as a standard hard drive, as they are only 1 inch in size this complicates the recovery process due to the extra miniaturization, however we can recover this data as we have microsurgery engineers.

The capacity of the microdrive can vary from 340MB, to a whopping 16GB due to be launched shortly.

Microdrives are the ultimate in micro surgery, our technicians have the technology and tools to recover your microdrive data, whatever the circumstances.

Please choose your microdrive data recovery partner carefully, as often there is a small window of time before the data is unrecoverable, at Xytron we make and exact copy or clone of the microdrive data, and only work on this, thus preserving your critical data, and conclude this with a successful recovery.

Our lab has a class 100 clean facility, which enables the opening of the micro drive for severely damaged media, please do not attempt to open the microdrive under any circumstances, unless you have the data recovery skills and equipment required.

Never use free or download microdrive 'data recovery software', as this may damage the microdrive further, these data recovery packages often claim that they will recover from serious errors such as failed or bad media, this simply is not true, only an experienced engineer can deal with this kind of failure.

Micro drive technology has advanced storage media which allows greater storage capacities of data in smaller footprint and form factor which allows this media more portable storage than larger devices such as hard drives, this portability creates issues which can create data loss.

Call Xytron today for a free quotation on data recovery for your micro drive: Free phone 0800 881 8900 or email us at [email protected]